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About Us

Progress Group Inc.

Expert Accountants Who Put Your Business First

Progress Group is an Accounting and Bookkeeping firm in Oakville. We offer Professional Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Tax Planning Services in Oakville, Mississauga, and Toronto. We work with individuals and families, associations, professional corporations like medical practice owners, non-for-profit organizations, and corporations of all sizes. We’re motivated to help our clients succeed, and value all our relationships. Our company is highly entrepreneurial and ambitious, and we’re constantly looking for ways to add additional value and make more of an impact in the world.


Progress is our promise!

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About Progress Group Inc.

What’s in the Name

The Power of Progress is defined as a gradual betterment, or forward movement towards a destination. Achieving progress is motivating and empowering.

Based on decades of experience, we’re confident in our ability to help clients assess their situation, identify the potential they can achieve, and put together concrete plans to ensure they achieve them. Progress is important to us!

years of cumulative unbeaten & trust of customers around the world
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Jonid Hametaj

CEO of Progress Group


Hector Suriel

Progress Group Bookkeeping Inc.


Temitayo Akanni

Senior Manager,
Progress Group Wealth Management Inc.


Ryan Elliott

Senior Bookkeeper,
Progress Group Bookkeeping Inc.


Digvijay Rana

Progress Group Bookkeeping Inc.

Ilvi Kertoci_web

Ilvi Kertoci

Junior Financial Analyst,
Progress Group Wealth Management Inc.

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