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What Happens if You’re Audited In Ontario 2022

What Happens If You’re Audited In Ontario?

The possibility of being audited is always there. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) may select you or your business at

What happens if you file your taxes late

What Happens When You File Your Taxes Late?

What Happens If I File MIf you file taxes late in Ontario, you may be open to interest and collect

How to File Your 2022 Taxes in Ontario

We are 3 months in 2022, and March has foreshadowed a time of the year that many people dread: tax

Ontario Staycation Tax Credit

The Ontario government has recently announced the Ontario Staycation Tax Credit to help boost provincial travel and tourism. If you

Canadian Tax Return Deadlines

INDIVIDUALS May 2, 2022 – Personal income tax returns (without self-employment income) Last day to file Canadian personal income tax

Reasons for Outsourcing Your Payroll During a Pandemic

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, several businesses are currently battling to stay afloat. Without resorting to layoffs, business owners are

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